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Application instructions for a Barbados eVisa

Application instructions for Barbados eVisa are easy to understand. It is straightforward to apply, so there is no need to worry. Just grab your electronic device with an internet connection, collect all necessary documents, and follow the below steps:

  • Fill in the online application form. Provide information, such as name, surname, nationality, date of birth, etc. Check the data twice in order to avoid mistakes, as they can lead to delays.
  • Attach the necessary documents such as a copy of the passport, a photo of the face, etc.
  • Wait for the processing. Check your email address, as your eVisa will be sent there in PDF form.

In case of any problems or questions about the Barbados online visa, don’t hesitate to contact our support team. The case will certainly be solved.

Documents to complete the Barbados visa online application

You must prepare the appropriate documents before beginning the process of applying for a Barbados online visa. See below the requirements for the Barbados Digital Nomad Visa and Barbados Entry Visa.

Required documents for Barbados Digital Nomad

  • passport that is valid for at least 6 months
  • proof of 2,000 USD fee payment
  • proof of working for a company registered outside Barbados (or conducting the business)
  • financial stability proof (bank statement)
  • completed application form
  • approved Barbados visa (if applicable)
  • birth certificate
  • face photo
  • clear criminal record proof
Apply for Barbados Visa Online

Documents needed for Barbados Entry Visa

  • passport with a validity period longer than 6 months
  • recent photo of the face
  • birth certificate

Besides, you need to earn at least 50,000 USD annually and pay a 3,000 USD fee in case of traveling with family (in this situation, prepare the documents confirming the relationship, like a birth certificate).

Tourists must keep in mind that requirements can change. Read all the information on the governmental website and contact the embassy/consulate to confirm the requirements and be updated.

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Barbados eVisa processing time

When it comes to the processing time for a Barbados eVisa, it is very fast and it takes several days. However, don’t leave all the formalities for the last moment and prepare earlier. Check the requirements, collect documents, and begin the application process.

Besides, make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months. Be updated and read all the news on the governmental website.